PAX Device Troubleshooting: Find the IP Address Assigned to Your PAX S300

If RepairQ is unable to communicate with your PAX device, you may need to update your Payment Device settings based on the IP address that is assigned to your device.

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Retrieving the IP Address Assigned to Your PAX S300

1. On your PAX S300, press and hold the Function key. While holding Function, press the 1 key.



2. On the next screen, enter your password, then press the green Enter key.



Note: The default password for a Bluefin PAX S300 is the current date in MMDDYYYY format. If this password fails, you may try the previous or next date. If you need to reset your password, you will need to contact Bluefin Support.

If you are using this tutorial for a Heartland PAX device, the default password is 916860.


3. On the Main Menu page, tap the Down Arrow to scroll down one page and tap 2. Communication.



4. You will be prompted again to enter your password and press the green Enter key.



5. On the Communication Options screen, tap the Down Arrow until you can tap on 1. LAN Parameters.



6. On the Lan Parameters screen, tap 2. IP Address.



7. Write down the IP address.



8. Press the red Cancel key until you are back on the Bluefin home screen.



9. (Optional) We highly recommend updating your LAN settings to Static to avoid your IP address from being reassigned if your router or payment device are power cycled.




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