PAX Device Troubleshooting: Update Your IP Address in RepairQ

If RepairQ is unable to communicate with your PAX device, you may need to update your Payment Device settings based on the IP address that is assigned to your device.

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Updating Your Payment Device IP Address Settings

1. After finding the IP address of your device, log into the RepairQ location where you will update the payment device's settings.


2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



3. On the Settings Overview page, the left column has settings sorted by category. Click the Payments dropdown. Under the list of options, click Payment Devices.



4. On the Payment Terminal screen, find the device that you need to update and click the Edit Button under the Actions column next to it.



5. On the Edit Payment Device screen, update the IP address field as it was shown on your PAX device. Omit any left-leading zeroes in the IP address. e.g. If the address shows .050.005, you will enter .50.5.



6. Click Save to submit your changes.



7. (Optional) We recommend waiting roughly 30 seconds for the IP Address settings to update. After that time, you can perform a Test Transaction to ensure your device is reconnected.




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