Integrated Payments Setup: Retrieving Host Settings on a Heartland PAX S300

Integrated Payment Systems gives users a secure solution for accepting payments on a payment terminal and seamlessly posting those transactions to a RepairQ ticket. This streamlines the checkout process and reduces accounting errors when compared to manually recording transactions on tickets. Heartland Payment integration is available for customers in the United States.

If you are interested in accepting payments with Heartland, click here to fill out the application.

When a device is sent to you from Heartland, the integration information has already been downloaded into your terminal. This information is used for communication between your payment device, RepairQ, and your payment gateway.

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Retrieving Host Settings on a Heartland PAX S300

1. On your PAX S300, press and hold the Function key. While holding Function, press the1 key.



2. On the next screen, enter your password, then press the green Enter key.



Note: The default password for a Heartland PAX S300 is 916860. If this password fails, and need to reset your password, you will need to contact Heartland Support.


3. On the Main Menu page, tap Hosts Settings.



4. You will be prompted again to enter your password and press the green Enter key.



5. On the Hosts Settings page, tap Hosts Parameters.



6. On the Hosts Parameters screen, tap on each field and write down the values under each category:

  • License ID
  • Site ID
  • Device ID
  • Username
  • Password

This information is necessary for setting up payment integration and your payment device.



Note: You may need to tap the Down Arrow for the second page of parameters. To go back to the previous page of parameters, press the red Cancel button on your keypad.


7. After writing down all of the credentials, press the red Cancel button until you are back on the main home screen. You are now ready to add your device to RepairQ.



START 1.18.X

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