Account Settings: Scheduling Holidays

Users can set holidays to block out the entered time for your store hours and for your appointment calendar. Holidays can be managed at the Location level, or at the Company (Global) level if you are an Admin. 

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Finding Your Holiday Settings

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



Note: If you are a Location Admin or below, or you only want to edit holidays for one location, instead navigate to Settings -> Location Settings.


2. On the Settings Overview page, click the Account Dropdown on the left column. From the available options, click Holidays.



3. You should now be on the Holidays page, where you can see scheduled holidays and create new events or edit/delete existing events.



Navigating The Holiday Calendar

1. Use the left and right arrows above the calendar to cycle between months.



2. At any point, you can use the today button to jump back to the current date and month.



3. To select a day, click on the calendar cell on that date. To the right of the calendar, you will see a text field with the holiday's name.



Note: If there is no holiday set for that day, the field will be blank and ready for assignment.


Adding, Editing, and Removing Holidays

1. To add a holiday, select a date on the calendar, then on the right-hand side of the calendar type in the holiday's name.




2. Continue filling out the fields to assign specific locations and whether the holiday will affect the entire day or a set time range. By default, All Day (location closed for full day) is selected.



Note: You can uncheck this box and manually add a range of dates by filling out the Location Open Time and Location Close Time fields for the holiday. This is useful if your company or location takes any half-day or partial holidays.


3. After entering the holiday information, click the Save button to finalize your changes.



4. To edit holiday information, select the date on the calendar, and then edit the same fields you used to add the holiday and save your changes.



5. To remove a holiday, select a date on the calendar that already has a holiday, and click Delete.





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