Analytics: Inventory Forecasting

Analytics reporting, powered by Looker, offers users the ability to make predictions based on historical data. This information provides users the ability to forecast inventory levels, allowing for well-informed, easier decisions when placing replenishment orders, saving stores time and money.

Looker Forecasting is available to RepairQ users on our Professional plan.

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Looker Forecasting FAQs

What does Looker Forecasting do?

Forecasting uses sophisticated algorithms to understand past inventory levels and changes in a set of data (for example, analyzing inventory changes for a specific product by day) and make predictions about future data. You can use this feature to forecast inventory needs across a single location or across several locations. Looker provides additional information about forecasting here.


How do I use Looker to forecast inventory?

Users on our RepairQ Professional plan will have the ability to build Looker reports based on inventory data. Additional information can be found on Looker's website.


How accurate is Looker forecasting?

Forecasting algorithms use the data you provide in RepairQ to make predictions, so the quality of the forecast depends on the amount of data provided in the software. The algorithms have been proven to be accurate when given detailed and sufficient data.

For more information on inventory best practices in RepairQ, check out our Knowledge Base article: Inventory Management 101.



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