Integrated Payments: Square and Afterpay

Square offers merchants the ability to receive payments via Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later. Merchants must be approved by Square to offer Afterpay to their customers, and Square/Afterpay fees apply to these transactions.

RepairQ integration with Square allows merchants approved for Afterpay to receive payments from customers using Afterpay In-Person Payments on their Square Terminal.


Square and Afterpay FAQs

How can I offer Afterpay to my customers?

If approved, you will need to turn on Afterpay In-Person as a payment method in your Square Merchant account. More information about Afterpay eligibility, pricing, and configuration can be found here.


How do I initiate an Afterpay transaction?

The transaction process in RepairQ doesn't change. Just click the "Add Transaction" or "Request Payment" button on the ticket, and Square Terminal handles the rest!


How do my customers pay using Afterpay?

Your customer can use the Afterpay app or use their Afterpay card. Your customer will use the payment terminal to present their Afterpay card just like any other payment!


Do my Afterpay transactions sync to RepairQ?

Yes. The Afterpay transaction will appear on the RepairQ ticket and invoice/receipt as a payment. The entire amount of the Afterpay transaction will appear as a payment in RepairQ. At this time, the transaction is not designated as Afterpay—it will show as a card payment.


Can Afterpay transactions be refunded?

Yes. You can process a refund as you typically would in RepairQ, and the transaction will be refunded to the customer through Afterpay.


Do I need to set up Afterpay as a Payment Method in RepairQ?

No. As long as you have set up Square Integration in RepairQ (and in your Square Merchant portal) you will be able to receive Afterpay payments.

If you are interested in using our Square Payment integration feature, check out our Knowledge Base article: Square Integration with RepairQ.


Where can I find additional information about Afterpay eligibility and pricing?

Check out Accept In-Person Payments with Afterpay and Square for more details.


How can I let my customers know that I accept Afterpay?

Square is currently providing free marketing kits for its customers. You can order your Afterpay marketing kit here.



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