Refunds: Create A Catalog Item for Partial Refunds Without a Return Item

This article will demonstrate this process by creating a Catalog item designed for this purpose. These steps are a condensed version of all the steps to complete this process.

In-depth tutorials for these processes can be found below.

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Create a Catalog Item Type for Returns

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Company Settings. On the Settings Overview screen, go to Catalog -> Item Types.


2. Create an Item Type named Refund and make sure the option for Can Override Price is selected, so you can enter a precise amount for a refund amount on the ticket.



3. Ensure that the Item Type is marked Active. Save your changes.


Assign a Tax Rate to Your Item Type

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings. On the Settings Overview page, go to Taxes -> Tax Rates.


2. On the Tax Rates overview page, locate the Refund Item Type and click the Add Tax Button (+).



3. On the Tax Rate assignment page, select the appropriate tax class for this item. Make sure the Active box is checked. Click Save to submit your changes.



4. Verify the Sales Tax has been applied to the Item Type.



Create a Catalog Item for Returns

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Catalog.


2. On the Catalog List page, click the Add Button (+) to create a new catalog item.


3. Add details for a new catalog item named Refund (Closed Ticket). Make sure that the Item Type is set to Refund (the new item type you created in the above section). Set the default Quantity/Hours to 1 and make sure all other required fields are populated.




4. Ensure the Catalog Item is marked Active and Save your changes.




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