Creating Refurbs from a Purchase Order

This article will demonstrate the best practice recommendation for companies who may be purchasing large quantities of devices from a supplier, and bringing them into inventory via a Purchase Order. We recommend utilizing custom Inventory Statuses for this particular scenario, as you are able to create a new inventory status to send these devices into. The custom inventory statuses are intended to give you a way to extend our baseline workflows to meet your businesses unique workflows. This is a perfect use for the custom inventory status feature.

This article will walk you through that process, including how to setup an automated notification to email the manager/inventory manager when a new item is placed into that status, and how to create a refurb ticket from the inventory item itself.


1. Create a new Inventory Status

  • Head to Company Settings and click on "Inventory Statuses" under the "Catalog" dropdown. Then, click on "Add Inventory Status."




  • Name the status something like "Received for Refurb" and click "Save".

2. Create an automated email notification to alert the manager/inventory manager when a new item is placed into that status.

  • Head to All Settings--> Communications--> Notifications and click "Add Notification Automation".

  • Set up your delivery of the notification as follows, or similar, if you prefer.

  • Add a Subject to the email using any of the shortcodes. We will use:
    Item Received for Refurb at {location_short_name}

  • Send it to a specific email address if desired, or a certain role using the shortcodes.

  • Compose your message using as many shortcodes as you'd like. We will use:

    {manufacturer} {item_name} has been marked as {item_status} at {location_short_name}.

    Details of the Device

    Supplier: {supplier}
    Purchase Order Number: {purchase_order_number}
    Condition: {condition}
    Carrier: {carrier}
    Cost: {cost}

  • Mark the "Send Delay" as Minutes: 0 so it sends right away.

  • Save the notification.

3. Create your Purchase Order, if you haven't already, for the devices you are bringing into inventory.

4. Once the devices have been delivered, open up that Purchase Order and click "Edit" to receive the items.

5. Receive each item the Purchase Order by scanning/typing in the IMEI/serial of each one received. Mark the condition and carrier appropriately, and select the new inventory status you just created, "Received for Refurb".


6. Once the items have been received, click "Receive Items". Those items will go into your new inventory status and the email will be triggered to whomever you selected in the notifications. That email notification can be treated as an assignment for the email recipient to go create the refurb ticket from the inventory item.

7. Create a Refurb Ticket for the newly added items

  • Head over to Inventory-->Inventory Detail
  • Filter the detail report by Status: "Received for Refurb" and click "Apply".

  • From there you can view all items in that status, and create a new Refurb ticket for each item.

  • Proceed with following the steps your business dictates for completing a Refurb ticket.


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