How to Install the PAX Device Security Certificate (iOS)

This article covers how to install security certificate from your PAX device onto your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

This step needs to be performed on each device that needs to communicate with any PAX payment terminal devices. 

Downloading and Installing the PAX Device Security Certificate

1. Open up your Safari web browser and open a new tab.

2. Direct your browser to "".

3. The certificate profile install window from within Settings will popup. Click "Install" on the top right.

4. Type in your device passcode or password.

5. Your device will warn you that it is installing the certificate as a trusted certificate. Click "Install".

6. Click "Install" one last time.

7. Your device will let you know it has been successfully installed. Click "Done".

8. Test the certificate for correct installation. Open Safari and direct your browser to "".

   a. If the certificate is NOT installed correctly, you will see this window letting you know that your device cannot verify server identity, and you will need to re-do the above steps:


    b. If the certificate IS installed correctly, you will see a window similar to this, with a lock icon in the URL window.



You are now ready to add your payment device into RepairQ.

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