Integrated Payments Setup: Installing the PAX Security Certificate - Android

If you are utilizing Bluefin or Heartland for payment integration in RepairQ, you will need to download and install a Security Certificate on each computer that will communicate with a PAX device.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of downloading, installing, and testing the required certificate.

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Downloading the PAX Security Certificate

1. Open your Chrome browser application and navigate to



2. On the download pop-up, the file will be named "" Choose which folder to download the certificate to and tap Download.



3. Your device will begin downloading the certificate, and prompt you for the name and use of the certificate. Name the certificate RepairQ. Next, tap Credential use and select VPN and apps, then tap OK.



Testing the PAX Security Certificate

In Chrome, browse to to verify that the browser is configured to trust the security certificate.

  • If the certificate is NOT installed correctly, you will see this window letting you know that your connection is not private, and you will need to re-do the above steps.


  • If it is installed correctly, you will see this window with a lock icon in the URL bar.




START 1.18.X


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