How to: Install the PAX Security Certificate

This article covers how to prepare your computer, tablet, or other device to communicate with your PAX payment processing device.

The following steps need to be performed on each computer/tablet/device that will use the PAX device to process payments.

1) Download the PAX device security certificate.

2) Install the certificate


If using a Mac computer, Installing the Device Security Certificate on a Mac.

If using a Windows computer,Installing the Device Security Certificate on Windows.

If you have trouble installing the Device Security Certificate on Windows, click here for an alternate method using the Windows Certificate Manager.


If using an iOS device, Installing the Device Security Certificate on iOS.


If using an Android device, Installing the Device Security Certificate on Android.

3) Test the certificate

1. Navigate to your RepairQ settings page.

2. Navigate to the Payment Device settings

3. Click the "Test Security Certificate" button on your Payment Device page.

Next, RepairQ will tell you if you installed the certificate properly.




You can also visit our RepairQ Certificate Test page to test your installation

  • If it fails, you will see the following (in Chrome):

    If successful, the page URL will have a green lock (in Chrome):

Once you have your certificate installed correctly, you are ready to add your Payment Terminal Device to RepairQ. Next step: Register your payment terminal device in RepairQ

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