Integrated Payments Setup: PAX Security Certificate Installation and Testing

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Integrated Payment systems give users a secure solution for accepting payments on a payment terminal and seamlessly posting those transactions to a RepairQ ticket. Downloading and installing the PAX Security Certificate is required on each computer/device that will use a Bluefin or Heartland PAX device to process payments. Once you have your certificate installed correctly, you are ready to add your Payment Terminal Device to RepairQ.

PAX Security Certificate Installation Process Based on Your Operating System

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Testing Your Security Certificate

Note: This test was performed in Chrome Browser, for reference.


1. Navigate to our RepairQ Certificate Test page to test your installation.


2. If successful, you will see a lock icon in your browser's URL bar. This means the installation was successful, and you are ready for the next steps in setting up your integrated payment device.



3. If the installation has failed, you will see the following page. You will need to re-install the certificate then fully close and restart your browser to check again.



Checking for Certificate Errors

If the certificate continues to fail, it is possible the incorrect certificate is loaded into the device.


From a computer on the same network:

1. Navigate to the IP address for this device in the browser URL bar.

For example: 10009)



2. Click the Lock (or Exclamation Icon) in the URL bar then click Details.



3. A new window will open. Under the Security tab, click View Certificate.



4. If the certificate list does not show the certificate that you installed (, contact Bluefin or Heartland Support to upload the correct certificate to your PAX device. Make sure you have the Serial Number and your API information on-hand for their team.



5. If you are still having trouble with the certificate, you may need to clear your browser's SSL state. See this tutorial for steps on troubleshooting your browser.




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