How to: update an integrated supplier's SKU

RepairQ supports integrated purchasing of parts through partnership with several suppliers. With the purchasing Integration, users of RepairQ who purchase parts supply through the integration can:

  • Build a purchase order in RepairQ and select their Integrated Supplier Vendor
  • See real-time pricing & inventory availability from that supplier as they build their RepairQ PO
  • Checkout & pay for the order directly through the supplier's site
  • Automatically see final details, including subtotals, taxes & shipping costs in their RepairQ PO
  • Receive real-time order statuses, order updates & shipping details from the supplier in their RepairQ PO

There may be times when you would like to change the supplier SKU that is attached to your catalog item. A couple of reason for that include:

  • You would like to switch to an alternate tier of the same part from that supplier. For example, you were ordering the mid tier, medium grade and would like to switch to the top tier, premium grade.
  • The supplier notifies you that they now have a new SKU for the same product you have been ordering.

Here is how to update those suppliers' SKU's from a Purchase Order.


  • Create a new Purchase Order and select the integrated supplier of which you wish to update as the supplier.
  • Add the item you wish to change into a Purchase Order, but only on the first time you wish to order it after the SKU change.
  • Use the magnifying glass button next to the current supplier SKU to map the new SKU
  • Search the supplier's catalog for the correct SKU, select it, and confirm it.​
  • Once that order is placed, that SKU will now be mapped to that item.


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