How to: Setup Qsite™

Available with RepairQ 1.13


What does Qsite™ do?

Qsite™ is the newest RepairQ companion app, which provides new ways for your customers to engage with your store. The first feature released under Qsite provides an easy way for your customers to check their ticket status on demand.

The ticket status page shows a brief summary of the ticket, the current status, balance due, and when it was last updated. Ticket notes, one-click phone calls to the store, and one-click directions to the store are also available to the customer for quick and easy engagement.



Desktop / Tablet



How do my customers use Qsite™?

Qsite can be directly accessed via URL: [yourRepairQInstanceName]

Alternatively, customers can engage with your business through Qsite™ a number of different ways:

1. One click Ticket link send via SMS or Email

2. or printed URL on a receipt


3. or printed QR-Code on a receipt


4. or Last Name and Ticket Number search


Qsite™ Tutorials

Qsite™ Tutorials for Developers


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