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This feature is currently testing in open Beta.

With our QuickBooks Online integration, users can simplify the accounting journal process by automating the export and import of daily journal entries. 

How does the integration in RepairQ work?

RepairQ transmits Journal Entry data into your asset and liability accounts in QuickBooks on a nightly basis. There is also a feature to send on-demand reports for a specific date range and location. Our integration currently allows for the transmission of data into asset and liability accounts. QuickBooks Online requires a Vendor or Customer for these accounts, but we are currently unable to send this information. If you have AR and AP accounts, you will need to create duplicates in QuickBooks and mark them as assets or liabilities for data to come through properly. If you attempt to link a RepairQ account with an AR or AP designated in QuickBooks, the interaction will not function.

Check out the links below to view tutorials, guidance, and additional related information.


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