How To: Add Integrated Printers

If you have not enabled Integrated Printing first, you will need to do so by following the steps here.

This article will walk through the process of adding printers to Integrated Printing. 

Adding a Printer

  1. Navigate to the Printers page under the Integrated Printing section of Company Settings.

  2. Click "Add Printer".

  3. The Printer Name option will be filled with the printer names for all of the printers installed on your computer. If you don’t see the printer you are looking for, install it on your computer first, and it will then show in the list. (find your printer driver here) Select the printer you are setting up. You will need to follow these steps with any printer you plan on using with Integrated Printing.

  4. Select the location this printer will be used at. If you have the same printer settings across all locations, you may set it up for “All Locations” if you are an admin.
  5. Fill out the paper size width and height. We recommend entering these numbers in millimeters, as it is more exact. Consult the user manual for your specific printer to determine exact dimensions.
  6. Fill out the margins. We recommend trying zero for each margin to start out.
  7. Printer DPI is the dots per inch setting, and essentially controls the resolution of the print. In most cases it makes sense to set this to the highest number your printer supports. Usually this is 300, and for thermal receipt printers it is sometimes 203. Check your printer specs to determine this number.
  8. Unit of measurement allows you to pick whether the page size and margins should be treated as inches or millimeters. We recommend using millimeters, as it is more exact.
  9. Orientation is where you can set the orientation of the paper width and height.
  10. Scale to fit will scale the print job to fit the paper size, and depending on the printer you may or may not check this setting. Try it both ways to determine which works best for the printer. 

You now have the ability to print directly to this printer without a print dialogue window! Let’s try it out.


Test Ticket Receipt Print

  1. Open up any ticket, open or closed, it does not matter.
  2. You will notice there is a new print button with several options. When you click on it, you will see each print template as a dropdown.
  3. Select the print template you want to test, and it will show all of your printers
  4. Select the printer you wish to print to

  5. Next, you should see a print status window that will show you the print job and the current status so you can track with the progress. Just hang tight while the print job is sent and the window will close automatically.

  6. Check your printout to confirm it was sent. If you need to make modifications to your margins, DPI, width or height, go back in and edit the printer you just added from the "Printers" settings.


UP NEXT: How To Add Printer Configurations





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