How To: Add Printer Configurations

If you have not added your printers to Integrated Printing first, you will need to do so by following the steps here.

This article will walk through the process of adding printer configurations, which are required for automated printing.

What is a Print Configuration?

A print configuration is a collection of default printers for each print template that you can assign to a RepairQ terminal. It also tells RepairQ which printers to send automated print jobs to.

Creating a Print Configuration

  1. Navigate to the Print Configuration page under the Integrated Printing section of Company Settings.
  2. Click "Add Print Configuration".

  3. Give it a name, which is simply a label used for selecting from a list of print configurations, so make it descriptive.

  4. Choose the location to add this print configuration for
  5. Select the printer you want to use for each print template

Next, let’s assign our new print config to our computer. You must have a print config assigned for automated printing to work.

Assigning a Print Configuration

  1. Under Settings in the navigation menu there is a new menu item called “Print Config”
  2. When you select the menu option a window will open where you can select your print configuration.

  3. Select the print config you just setup.
  4. When assigned, the print config window will show you the details of the configuration you have assigned to your computer

When you have a print configuration assigned to your computer then RepairQ will have the ability to send automated print jobs to your printers. 

UP NEXT: How To Add Print Automations.


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