How To: Add and Assign Printer Configurations

Printer Configurations allow you to create a template of default printers used for an assigned RepairQ terminal. Configurations also tell RepairQ which printers to send automated print jobs. This article will walk through the process of adding printer configurations, which are required for automated printing. You must have a print configuration assigned for automated printing to work.


Adding a Print Configuration

1. Once you have added your printers to your RepairQ location, navigate to Settings -> Location Settings -> Integrated Printing -> Print configurations.



2. Click "Add Print Configuration" or click the blue pencil icon to edit an existing configuration.

3. Fill out the configuration settings, based on which printer you want to send the print job, and save your settings.



  • Configuration Name - Name your configuration, so you can identify which terminal this will be paired to.
  • Location - Select which location will use this assigned configuration.
  • Description - Add a description, for reference.
  • Pick a default printer for each template.


Assigning a Print Configuration to Your Terminal


1. On the RepairQ Navigation Bar, click on your location name. This will expand additional options. In the dropdown menu, click "Print Config."



2. A "Print Configuration" pop-up will appear. Select your configuration from the dropdown list.



3. After assigning a configuration, the template details will show. You can click outside of this window to close.



4. If your configuration is not connecting properly, you can refresh your configuration by clicking the "Refresh Config" button.



5. Once a configuration is assigned to your computer, RepairQ is ready for you to create automated print jobs for your printers. 


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