How To: Add a Print Automation

If you have not added your printer configurations yet to Integrated Printing yet, you will need to do so by following the steps here.

This article will walk through the process of adding print automations to Integrated Printing.


Add Printer Automation

  1. Navigate to the Print Automation page under the Integrated Printing section of Company Settings.

  2. Click on "Create Print Automation".

  3. Give the automation a name. For example, “Repair Intake”, to print a receipt and a repair label.

  4. Choose which locations to enable this automation for
  5. Select the trigger, we will choose ticket status
  6. Now choose which conditions must be met for the print job to trigger, we will select “In Diagnosis” and "In Repair" as the statuses we want our print job to trigger from.

  7. Next choose the action which must occur for the print job to trigger, choose “when entering the status” in diagnosis or in repair.
  8. Lastly, select the print jobs to automate: we want a ticket receipt to print for the customer, and a ticket label to print for the technician.

  9. Click Save and then test it out.
  10. To try out the new automation, create a new repair ticket, and save it into the “In Diagnosis” or "In Repair" status.

  11. The print jobs will be triggered automatically after the ticket is saved.
  12. It will take you back to the ticket view screen, where you will see a print job status window appear listing the print jobs in queue and their current status.

  13. When everything has printed, you will see "Print job complete" in the dialogue box for all jobs and the window will close in 3 seconds.


If you have any issues, return to our Intro to Integrated Printing article and follow the steps again.

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