Integrated Printing 104: Adding Print Automations

Creating and Assigning Print Automations

Print Automations allow you to save time on printing documents by creating conditional triggers that automatically create print jobs, based on a ticket's status change. If you have not added print configurations for your location or run into any issues with automation, please see the previous steps of the Integrated Printing process.

Integrated Printing Troubleshooting

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Creating a Print Automation

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, there is a list of Settings Categories on the left column. Click Integrated Printing to expand the options and select Print Automation.



3. On the Print Automation page, click Create Print Automation.



4. Fill out the automation settings, based on which actions you would like to create a print job.



  • Name - Assign a name for your automation to identify your workflow. For example, “Ticket Close - Receipt."
  • Description - Add a description of the automation for reference.
  • Location - Choose which location to assign this automation.
  • Trigger - The default trigger is when the ticket status changes.
  • Condition - Select which ticket status(es) must be met to trigger the print job. Select any that you want to apply to the automation.
  • Action - Select whether the trigger is activated when the ticket enters the assigned status or when it leaves the assigned status.
  • Print Template - Choose whether this will print from the Ticket Receipt template, Ticket Invoice template, or Ticket Label template.
  • Active - Toggle to activate/deactivate an automation.


5. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Save to submit your changes.



Testing a Print Automation

To try out the new automation, create a new ticket, and save it into the status that you have selected for your automation. The print job(s) will be triggered automatically after the ticket is saved.


A print job status window will appear, listing the print jobs in the queue and their current status.



Once everything has been printed, you will see Print job complete in the dialogue box for all jobs and the window will close in 3 seconds.



If you need to make adjustments to your automation, go back to Location Settings -> Integrated Printing -> Print Automation and edit the automation by clicking on the Edit button on the right column under Actions.





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