Intro to Integrated Printing

What is Integrated Printing?

Integrate your printers with RepairQ to automate print jobs for receipts, invoices, labels, and more! This innovation introduces a way to connect your printers to RepairQ. You can configure your printer settings such as margins, page size, DPI, etc. and assign printers to your RepairQ terminals for different print jobs. Print directly to your configured printers without a print dialog, or set up automated printing for tickets based on your business rules.

Before beginning this walkthrough, make sure all of the computers at your location meet the minimum system requirements. Once you have verified that, check back here for instructions.


Video Walkthrough on How To Enable: (or view the articles below for a step-by-step guides)


How to Complete Setup of Integrated Printing: (follow in order)

  1. How To: Enable Integrated Printing and Download QZ
  2. How To: Add Printers for Integrated Printing
  3. How To: Add and Assign Printer Configurations
  4. How To: Add a Print Automation


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