How To: Enable Integrated Printing

This article will walk through the process of enabling Integrated Printing.


Enabling Integrated Printing

  1. If you have only one location or would like to enable Integrated Printing for all locations at the same time, with the same settings, navigate to Company Settings, Accounts, then Integrations.
  2. If you have multiple locations and would like to enable it for one location at a time, navigate to Location Settings, Account, then Integrations. Make sure you are logged in to that location at the time of setup to avoid any confusion.
  3. Click on the integration with the green "QZ" logo.
  4. Click on the “Download QZ” button to download the QZ app to your computer. This will open a new window with a few download options for your operating system. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are all supported.

  5. Download the latest version of the QZ tray application. As of this article, the latest version is 2.02

  6. Open the downloaded installer to install QZ tray on your computer. The installer will walk you through the installation steps. We will demonstrate what this looks like on a Mac.

  7. Open the QZ tray application on your computer (if not already opened after installation). You will see a small QZ icon (looks like a green receipt printer) in your application tray / status bar when it is running (depending on your computer's operating system).
  8. When you have the QZ tray application running, go back to your QZ Integration settings, check the box in RepairQ to “Enable Integrated Printing” and save the settings.

  9. Now you will see new settings enabled for Printers, Print Configuration, and Print Automation.
  11. UP NEXT: How To: Add Printers to Integrated Printing.
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