How to: embed Qsite™ into your own website

Available with RepairQ 1.13

This article walks through the process of embedding Qsite™ into your own company website, using the iframe embed approach (as opposed to the methods currently in Beta using full html and/or API access). This will allow your customers to click a link on your website, enter their ticket number and last name, and receive all of the information that is currently available with Qsite™.

  • We recommend first walking through how to brand your Qsite™ with your company logo, because it will display on your website with the RepairQ logo if you do not.

  • Next, we recommend creating a new page on your website, called something like "Repair Status". Make sure you add a link to it in the menu bar or somewhere easy to find.

  • Navigate to the section of the new (or exiting) page where you want it embedded, and copy/paste this specific html there, BUT substitute{yourrepairqurl} with your specific RepairQ URL:

<iframe src="{yourrepairqurl}/t" style="display:block;margin:auto;border:0;width:100%;min-width:320px;min-height:480px;"></iframe>

  • For example, the company Repair Bros would look like this:

<iframe src="" style="display:block;margin:auto;border:0;width:100%;min-width:320px;min-height:480px;"></iframe>

  • If you wish to constrain the width and make it narrower, you can modify the width percentage down from 100%.




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