Cash Terminals (VCT's)

Virtual Cash Terminals, VCT's, are the gateway for processing any type of transaction. In order to add any payments to a ticket, you must be at a computer that has a VCT assigned. They are cached to the temporary storage within your browser and computer, so you can only use one computer per VCT.

You can have as many terminals as you would like within each location, depending on the number of workstations you have. Before adding in multiple terminals, you will first need to make sure your location settings allow for the number of VCT's you will be adding.


1. Navigate to "Company Settings", then "Locations" under the Account section, and edit the location you wish you work on.


2. Scroll down to "Number of Terminals" and enter the number you wish you have at that location, then save the location settings at the bottom.

3. Under Location Settings, click on "Cash Terminals (VCT)" or the "Cash Terminals (VCT)" button in the Settings Overview.


4. From this screen, you can edit the name of your current VCT's (if not in use), as well as add new terminals. To create a new terminal, click "Add Terminal" on the top right.


5. Give the terminal a descriptive name, assign its store location, and click save. You are then free to use that VCT.

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