Miscellaneous Settings

As of version 1.15


The "Miscellaneous" settings are a place for settings that do not fit into other categories, but are all very important.

Navigate to "All Settings", scroll down to the bottom and click "Miscellaneous." Then select the third "Miscellaneous" option. You will be met with a small number of settings.



  • "Show All Locations on the Leaderboard"
    • When enabled, this setting will allow store managers to see all locations on the location leaderboard report.

  • "Allow viewing tickets from any location"
    • When enabled, this adds view-only access for tickets at all locations, even where a user does not have roles assigned.

  • "Limit the ticket customer search to the locations the user has access to"
    • When enabled, this restricts customer search results to only the locations the user has access to.
  • "Group ticket item search results by supplier (dividing search results into separate line items per supplier)"
    • When enabled, this adds ticket item search results to show items grouped by supplier, so you can pick the correct supplier’s item by hand.

  • "Supplier SKU match overrides supplier for new ticket item, even if no instock items for that supplier"
    • When enabled, managers have the ability to override the supplier tracked for an item from the ticket in the event the wrong supplier’s item is pulled.

  • "Show Cost On VCT"
    • This determines whether inventory or ticket item costs will show on the device where the Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) is assigned.

Trade-In Price now includes two options when setting a resale price of a trade-in item.

  • Catalog Item Price
    • This will pull the catalog price of an item and assign it automatically to the traded item. (This price can still be edited.)
  • Price paid to customer
    • The price of a trade-in will be the same as the amount entered as payout to the customer. 
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