Miscellaneous Settings

The "Miscellaneous" settings are a place for settings that do not fit into other categories, but are all very important.

Navigate to "Company Settings", scroll down to the bottom and click "Miscellaneous." Then select the third "Miscellaneous" option. You will be met with a small number of settings.


"Combine words with two or fewer characters as a single keyword"
Learn more about this functionality and how our Search algorithm works here.


"Show All Locations on the Leaderboard"
When enabled, this setting will allow store managers to see all locations on the location leaderboard report.


"Enable legacy customer search"
We added a new customer search algorithm that is much faster at returning matching results. The new algorithm should also rank more relevant matches higher in the list of results - one exception being if you have a custom sort applied on the customer list view.

Try out the new algorithm by unchecking this box. When enabled, the new algorithm will affect the customer list view (and global customer search) as well as the Ticket customer search.


"Show Cost On VCT"
This determines whether inventory or ticket item costs will show on the device where the Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) is assigned.


"RepairQ Support Login Settings"
Learn more about how to enable RepairQ Support to assist with troubleshooting any problems you might have here

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