Qpop Troubleshooting

New with RepairQ 1.12, Qpop™ is a customer facing point-of-purchase interface that you can use to interact with your customers at the point of sale. Qpop™ facilitates several interactions with the customer such as: presenting electronic forms & waivers and capturing an electronic signature from the customer, displaying the ticket summary to the customer so that they can track with the sales rep and follow along with the process, displaying in-store advertisements and promotions to the customer, and more!

Here are a few solutions for common problems you may come across.

(This article will be updated as new problems arise.)


  • A paired tablet does not change from idle images to ticket screen and back
    • This is often caused by using non-recommended tablets for Qpop. See our system recommendations here.
    • iPads and some Android tablets will disconnect from wifi when their screen goes off or into sleep mode. Be sure to keep your tablet plugged in and change your auto-sleep settings to never turn the screen off. Qpop runs on wifi, so if you lose wifi, it will not be able to connect.
      • On iPad:
        • Navigate to Settings-->Display & Brightness.
        • Change "Auto-Lock" to "Never".

Need to reset Qpop?

If you need to use a different configuration for Qpop on your device, or if you just need to reconnect Qpop with your terminal, you can reset Qpop and pair it up with a new pair code. Follow the directions on How to Reset or Re-pair Qpop

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