QZ Integrated Printing System Requirements

Integrated Printing with QZ Tray

Integrated Printing in RepairQ uses an open-source software application called QZ to communicate directly with printers without involving browser print dialog. Listed below are the system requirements needed to run QZ. Please do not attempt to use this integration with devices that do not meet the minimum requirements. For an introduction to QZ printing along with additional resources and tutorials, start here!

Note: Minimum requirements are pulled directly from QZ's support site: QZ Wiki - FAQ.



Java Versions


Minimum Version

QZ Tray 2.2

OpenJDK 11 (bundled)

QZ Tray 2.1

Java 8 / OpenJDK 1.8*

QZ Tray 2.0

Java 7 / OpenJDK 1.7*

QZ Tray 1.9

Java 7 / OpenJDK 1.7

QZ Print 1.9

Java 6 / OpenJDK 1.6

Note: HTML printing in QZ Tray 2.x requires Java 8 + Java FX. Make sure you have the 64-bit version on Windows - Download Here.


Operating Systems

Operating System Minimum Version
Apple OS X OS X 10.7 Lion or higher*
Microsoft Windows Windows XP or higher*
Linux Ubuntu 12.04 Precise or higher

Note: QZ version 2.0 or higher requires 512MB of free memory (RAM) and recommends 6GB or higher total system memory for raster graphics.

*Safari 5.1.7 is bundled with Lion but is not supported. An alternate browser is required.
*Windows XP requires manual certificate installation. This will prompt when installing.


Web Browsers

Web Browser Minimum Version
Safari Safari 6.0.3 or higher
Firefox Firefox 31 or higher*
Chrome Chrome 31 or higher
Internet Explorer IE 10 or higher*
Microsoft Edge 20.x or higher*

* Firefox requires a browser restart for HTTPS.
* IE/Edge on domain networks require external DNS access to locaalhost.qz.io due to a Local Intranet Limitation.



START 1.18.X

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