Qpop Troubleshooting

Qpop™ is a customer-facing interface used to interact and engage with your customers at the point of sale. For an introduction to Qpop Companion features and setup, check out Introduction to Qpop™ Companion - Start Here

If you need to use a different configuration for Qpop on your device, or if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your companion, here are a few solutions for common problems you may encounter.



Reconnecting a Qpop Companion

If you need to pair a companion that has previously been set up, you can reset the connection with a long press on the idle screen


On the Qpop Companion idle screen, press and hold on the screen until the reset window appears. RepairQ will ask you if you are sure you want to reset and re-pair the device. Click OK to navigate back to the Welcome to Qpop screen. You can generate a new pairing code in RepairQ on your computer/terminal.


A Paired Tabled Does Not Change from the Idle Screen to the Ticket View Screen

This is often caused by using non-recommended tablets for Qpop. For a list of recommended devices, check out our Hardware Recommendations page.

Qpop Companions are intended to run as Always-On status for both the screen and internet connection. Most tablets will disconnect from Wi-Fi when the screen times out or goes into sleep mode. When running Qpop, ensure your tablet is plugged in and screen timeout and auto-sleep settings have been turned off.


Additional Support

If you are still unable to connect your Qpop Companion, please contact RepairQ Support. Be sure to include any details, screenshots, and steps to reproduce the issue, so they can better assist your request.




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