Repair Device Search

The Repair Device search box is a tool used for locating repair devices and exploring the history of those repairs. Repair Device search results are listed similarly to ticket and inventory summary pages, allowing you to refine and filter your results to drill down into individual device history.


Repair Device Search from the RepairQ Dashboard

Below the Navigation Bar, the Global Search bar allows you to search the following fields:

  • Tickets
  • Inventory
  • customers
  • Billing Agents
  • Devices



For Device search, click the wrench icon. This will allow you to search for Repair Devices by either keyword or serial number (if the serial number was recorded on a repair ticket).



If you search using a catalog item name as a keyword, RepairQ will return a list-view of results that match that catalog item name.





If you search using a repair device's serial number, RepairQ will return a list-view of results that match that serial number. If this returns only a single result, you will be taken directly to the matching repair device's page.





Repair Device Search from the Device Summary Page

On the RepairQ Navigation Bar, hover on the "Customers" section and click on "Devices" to see a list view of all repair devices. This list defaults to the last 90 days of activity.



How to use the Repair Device List View

Using the filters and keywords options above the list will drill down your search.



You can do this to narrow down filters such as carrier, date range and type, locations, manufacturer, ticket resolutions, ticket statuses, and type.



You can also search using keywords, such as the catalog item's name or the customer's name.



Using both filters and keywords will help greatly reduce the number of results returned. Once you see the repair device you are looking for in the results, you can click on the magnifying glass under the action column to the right of the device to view the item's page.



You will then be faced with the entire history of that specific device, including the device specifics and any repair ticket it has been connected to.


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