Repair Device Search

New with RepairQ 1.11, the new Repair Device search gives you a new tool for locating repair devices and exploring repair device history. The repair device search features a new listing page similar to tickets and inventory where you can search, filter, and drill down into individual device histories.


How to use the Repair Device Search

  • In the menu bar going across the top, you will now see a new addition to the global search features, as designated by the small wrench icon.

  • If you click on the wrench icon, it will allow you to do a Repair Device Search.

  • Type in the catalog name of the device you wish to search for.

  • RepairQ will show you a list of all devices that you have repaired in your location with those search terms in the catalog item name.

  • Use the filters on the left side to drill down on certain locations, ticket statuses, ticket resolutions, carrier, date type, or date range.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon on the far right side of the item you wish you look more into.

  • You will then be faced with the entire history of that specific device, including the device specifics and any repair ticket it has been connected to.

  • You can also access the device search feature by hovering the mouse over the "Customers" button and clicking "Devices".

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