Getting Started: Customer Device Search

Finding Customer Devices

With RepairQ, you can save and track the history of customers' individual repair devices. This article will guide you in how to easily search for those items in two different ways. Whichever keywords you choose to use when searching remember that the more specific you are, the fewer results you have to browse!

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Using the Global Search Bar

Near the top of RepairQ's homepage, you will find the Global Search bar. This is set to Tickets by default, but its fifth setting focuses on Devices. When using this to find inventory items, you can search by the device name as specified by the catalog, by the device's SKU, by its individual serial number (if applicable), and also by the name of the customer associated with the device.

Note: For more on this feature, please see our article Global Search Bar Overview.


1. From the home page of RepairQ, be sure the Inventory setting for the Global Search is selected.



2. Enter a keyword for the device into the Global Search Bar.

Note: This keyword should be a catalog item name, SKU number, serial number, or customer name. In the example below, we're using the keyword iPhone, which will return a list of any devices with iPhone in their name.



3. Click Go.



4. If done correctly, you should now either be on the general Devices page or if there is a single result, the Device Details page for that specific item


Understanding Devices Search Results

If you search using a keyword that applies to multiple items, RepairQ will show all possible results on the Devices page. For instance, searching for the keyword iPhone produces several results for different iPhone products that had been registered as customer devices.



The below example demonstrates a search using the keywords iPhone 4S 16GB Gold. RepairQ returned a single result and directed us to the Device View page. You can see that the upper-left part of the page lists the device name and shows us the specific details and history of that item only.



For this example, entering the device's serial number will take you to the device's view page again. Keep in mind that typing in a partial serial number might return multiple devices that share that partial number.



Lastly, you can search for a device using the name of the associated customer as a keyword, as shown below.



Device List Search

The Devices page will show you customer devices listed individually. You can search using the same keyword logic as before. You can also narrow down your search results with other filters, such as the date they were added to the system, the last diagnostic note that was used for the device, their last ticket number, what carrier they are listed under, and many other filters.



Note: For a more comprehensive article on how to search through a list view, please see our article on Custom List Views, Filters, and Columns.


Customer Device Search Instructions

For this example of how to look for an item in the Device list, we will be looking for Frank Carl's iPhone 5S 16GB Gold, which we know was last on a ticket in New status.


1. Using the navigation bar at the top of RepairQ, go to Customers -> Devices.



2. Select +Filter -> Ticket Status -> New, then select Apply. This will narrow our results down to devices currently on tickets in New status.



3. Under the Actions column, select the View icon to see the device's view page.



If done correctly, we should be viewing Frank Carl's iPhone 5S 16GB Gold.




START 1.18.X

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