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New with RepairQ 1.11, the new Business Intelligence Suite provides a set of visual report dashboards covering the key performance indicators (KPIs) that we have identified as critical to running a retail repair business profitably. This marks the beginning of a series of updates related to business intelligence and analytics, where we will add new KPIs and reports over time.

RepairQ is a very data-rich application, so we are very excited to provide you with the tools to gain new insights into your business, and extract all the value from your data.

This article is an introductory walkthrough of the standard dashboards. More in-depth documentation will be available at a later date.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard Viewer feature will be available to all Enterprise Plan users during the open beta. BI Report Builder and Broadcaster features will be available to select Enterprise licensees as a part of a closed beta. Interested in becoming a RepairQ Beta tester? Visit this link, fill out the application, and we will be in touch.


Launch the Business Intelligence (BI) Suite

  • Hover your mouse over the "Reports" menu on the navbar and select "Analytics

  • This will take you to a visual display of which features you have available from within your RepairQ account.

  • If you click on "Dashboards" towards the top, you will see all of the dashboards that have been pre-built and are available to you. Hovering the mouse over "Month to Date" will open up several more dashboards to view.


Access the BI Dashboards

Daily Summary

  • The "Daily Snapshot" is a full visual display of several KPIs that most business owners will typically look for through the day. Let's start by looking at the "Daily Snapshot". Go ahead and click on it. There is a "Filters" section that will appear at the top. Select the location you wish to view the Daily Snapshot for. If you do not select a location, it will default to the location you are currently logged in to. If you remove the location completely, it will run the report for ALL locations under your account together.

  • If you are changing the location filter, click "Run" on the right side to run that report. Since it is pulling tons of information from many different sources, it will take a few seconds to run this report, as well as any other analytics report you may run.

  • You are then met with your "Daily Snapshot". You will have access to (but not limited to):
    • Gross sales and your progress towards the daily average
    • Hours per repair and how it compares to the daily average
    • Sales per man hour
    • Retail attachments per ticket
    • And much more!

Month to Date Dashboards

  • Navigate to Dashboards-->Month to Date and you will be met with many different current month to date dashboards. A few are illustrated below:

    • Profitability: Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. In other words, your current month's profitability. You will see gross profit estimate, gross sales, returns/discounts, and cost of goods sold (COGS), as well as their projections for the whole month.

    • Sales: Month to date net sales, projected sales, gross profit margin, average ticket amount, number of new tickets, sales pace, etc., as well as their projections for the whole month.

    • Repairs: Month to date new repair tickets, ticket turn time, hours per repair, daily repairs per tech, rework and data rates, etc., as well as their projections for the whole month.

    • Inventory: Month to date inventory purchases, inventory consumption, projected consumption, RMA rate, damage rate, etc., as well as how those figures compare to the preview month.

      Also, you can view your current "Inventory On Hand" and what percentages are in each status.

Inventory Purchasing Dashboard

  • Inventory Movement: your highest selling inventory items and their various reorder points, 4 week average, instock amount, last week's sales, and more previous weeks' sales.

  • Inventory Cost Movement: your highest total cost items along with their minimum and maximum costs, average costs, and last purchase dates.

  • Inventory Purchases by Supplier: a visual graph of each of your suppliers and the amount of money you have spent with them over the last 90 days. It will have a key identifying which color corresponds to which supplier.

  • RMA % by Supplier: a visual graph of each of your suppliers and their RMA % over the last 90 days. It will have a key identifying which color corresponds to which supplier.

Customer Dashboard

  • Over the past 30 days, how many first purchases, repeat purchases, average customer value, average tickets per customer, as well as your top customers and the amount of money they have spent at your location.

Location Dashboard

  • Over the past 30 days, the amount of total sales, repairs sales, and retail sales, split up by location.

Staff Dashboard

  • Over the past 30 days, your staff hours clocked, sales per man hour, hours per repair, rework rate, as well as your sales and tech leaders.




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