Custom Forms: Capturing Electronic Signatures on Forms

Capture eSignatures on Custom Forms

Custom Forms are documents that are completed on tickets to ensure that the sales/repair process is thorough and complete. A few examples of forms that can be created are:

  • Repair Intake Forms
  • Repair Waivers/Work Authorizations
  • Trade-In Condition Checklists

Custom Forms include a feature of requiring a signature before submitting a form. This allows you to capture a signature when completing a form and save it securely. Having a digital copy of signed forms attached to the ticket streamlines your workflow and reduces paperwork management for your staff. Custom Forms also work alongside Qpop Companion to create a customer-facing screen to view and sign forms. If a customer requests a copy of the form, you can easily print the signed form directly from the ticket.

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Add a Required Signature to a Form Field

This tutorial focuses on adding to the form field of an existing Custom Form. For additional instructions on creating a custom form, see Creating and Working with Custom Forms.


1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview screen, click the Tickets category on the left column. From the expanded list of options, click Custom Forms.



3. On the Custom Forms page, find the form that you would like to change and click the Edit button.



4. When updating your Custom Form, scroll down and check the box next to Require Signature on Submit. A new field for Signature Label will populate. This is the wording that will appear above the signature area on the form.




Note: Optionally, if you click the box next to Qpop enabled, there will be an additional option to send forms to your Qpop Companion for a signature.


5. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Save field group settings.



6. On the pop-up, you are asked if you want to update all unsubmitted forms with these new settings. Click Yes to confirm and finish your edits. All existing forms will have a signature requirement but previously submitted forms will remain unaffected.



Capture a Signature on a Custom Form

1. Create a new ticket that includes your Custom Form. While you are on the Ticket Edit screen, your form will be visible under the Custom Forms section. Under the Actions column, click the Edit button to view and sign your form.



2. The form you are submitting will appear in a pop-up. If you are on a computer, you (or your customer) can read through the form and click I agree.




Note: If you are using Qpop Companion, you can click Send to QPOP for the customer to read and sign on the tablet.


3. The next page will show a signature line to acknowledge the form. You can sign with your mouse (or a finger if you are using a touchscreen device) then click/tap Done Signing.



4. You will receive a confirmation that their portion of the process is complete. Click Close to submit the form. You will be directed back to the ticket, where you can see that the form is now in Submit Pending status.




5. After saving or progressing the ticket to a new status, the form will save as Submitted status.




Printing a Signed Form

If you would to print a copy of the signed form for your customer records, make sure that Print Visible is selected when creating/editing your form field.



When viewing a ticket with submitted forms, a user with the Manager role can view the signed form, print a receipt of the signed form (showing it was signed electronically), or print a copy of the form with the visible signature.






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    Jared Whitehead

    How do you view the signature


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    Travis Hoge

    As a safety and security measure, only managers are able to download a PDF of the signed document from the ticket view screen.

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    Jared Whitehead

    I always get access denied


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    Travis Hoge

    I sent you an email Jared. Let me know if you have not received it.

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