Electronic Signatures (for custom forms)

In RepairQ 1.9, e-signatures were introduced for payments on the new PAX credit card swiper. Now, with RepairQ 1.11, your waivers, work authorization forms, and other forms, will have the capability of capturing e-signatures! With 1.11, a new signature custom field type allows you to capture signatures on your ticket forms and save them securely. This is the second of three upgrades in our series of enhancements for e-signature support. 1.12 will support e-signature capture through our new tablet driven point-of-purchase application, Qpop™.

This article will walk you through setting up form signatures and inline form signatures for the customer drop-off process and repair tickets.


How to enable Electronic Signatures

  • Navigate to Settings-->Tickets-->Custom Forms.

  • Add a new Custom Form.

  • Fill out the different fields with something similar to this. Since we are only building this form for customer drop-off of repairs, only check "Repair" tickets.

  • Mark "Required When" as "Before Entering State" for now. NOTE: this will require the customer to sign electronically for dropping off their repair. Check the boxes we have checked below and assign a label to the signature that will show on-screen for the customer to see. In this example, we will post the repair waiver for the customer to view before signing. Then click "Save Field Group Settings".

  • Then you will need to add Form Fields (your waiver) to the new form you just created. Click the "Select field to add to the group" dropdown box.

  • Select "html" to add a field for your repair waiver.

  • Label the field something like "Repair Waiver" and put a description in the box if you'd like. Enter your entire repair waiver in the next box. Mark it as "Print Visible" so it can be printed, and "Active" so it shows up in tickets. Then click "Save Changes".

  • You can setup something very similar for customer pickup. You can utilize this if you want your customers to sign off on picking the device up and verifying it is in fully working condition. Follow the above instructions, just changing around the wording on the labels and waivers.
  • Test your form out! Create a repair ticket. Attach a customer and repair device. You will see your new custom form with an "Edit" button on the far right. Click that.

  • The Repair Waiver you submitted will show up. At this point you can face your tablet/computer to your customer to read through the waiver. Your customer will then click "I agree".

  • A signature box will popup. Depending on your hardware setup and workflows, your customer can then sign in the signature box and click "Done Signing".

  • A confirmation box will popup, letting them know their portion of the process is complete.

  • Click "Close". When you advance the ticket status, managers will have the ability to view, print, or download the form from the ticket view screen.
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    Jared Whitehead

    How do you view the signature


  • 0
    Travis Hoge

    As a safety and security measure, only managers are able to download a PDF of the signed document from the ticket view screen.

  • 0
    Jared Whitehead

    I always get access denied


  • 0
    Travis Hoge

    I sent you an email Jared. Let me know if you have not received it.

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