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What is Qpop Companion?

Qpop™ is a customer-facing application used to interact and engage with your customers at the point of sale. It is a dedicated touchscreen interface designed to face the customer at all times. Qpop promotes interaction with the customer during the sales process by:

  • Displaying in-store advertisements and promotions.
  • Displaying real-time ticket details for the customer to view.
  • Presenting electronic forms and waivers for the customer to read and acknowledge.
  • Capturing electronic signatures for payments taken by an integrated payment device.

Qpop is browser-based, so no expensive proprietary hardware is required. Select your preferred tablet or touchscreen device, pair it with your RepairQ location, and get started!




Qpop Resources

RepairQ Recommended Hardware

Qpop™ Companion - System Requirements

Qpop™ Companion - Recommended Image Resolutions

Qpop™ Companion - Enabling Kiosk Mode on iOS

Qpop™ Companion - Enabling Kiosk Mode on Android

Qpop Companion Setup

Qpop 101: Creating a Qpop Companion - Location Admin, Admin Roles

Qpop 102: Pairing a Qpop Companion - Shift Lead, Manager, Admin Roles

Qpop Additional Features

Qpop 103: Sending Custom Forms to Qpop Companion

Qpop 104: Enabling Signature Capture for Integrated Payment Transactions

Qpop Troubleshooting

Qpop Troubleshooting

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Qpop - Success Stories

Qpop - Known Issues

Qpop - Feedback




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