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Qpop™ is a customer facing point-of-purchase interface that you can use to interact with your customers at the point of sale. Qpop™ facilitates several interactions with the customer such as: presenting electronic forms & waivers and capturing an electronic signature from the customer, displaying the ticket summary to the customer so that they can track with the sales rep and follow along with the process, displaying in-store advertisements and promotions to the customer, and more! Qpop™ leverages standard web technologies, so no expensive proprietary hardware is required; simply select your favorite touchscreen device and go. 


Qpop™ opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you to engage with your customers in your store. We are launching Qpop™ with the interactions you see below, but it doesn’t end there! As we collaborate with you to develop new ways to engage your customers, this list will grow over time.

  • A user with the Location Admin role or higher can add/edit Qpop devices.
  • A user with the Shift Lead role or higher can pair and launch Qpop.


Pair your tablet running Qpop™ with your RepairQ point of sale



Advertising & Promotions (Idle Screen)

When Q-POP ™ is idle, show ads and promotions to your customers



Ticket Summary

While you interact with a ticket, the customer can follow along and you can serve up ads and promotions alongside the ticket summary.



Custom Forms

Create electronic forms for your customers to complete.



Payment signature

Capture electronic signatures for payments




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