How to: capture electronic signatures on waivers and authorization forms in Qpop

With Qpop™, you have the ability to let customers read and sign off on your repair waivers, terms and conditions, disclaimers, etc. 


  1. If you already have a custom form built that you would like to be able to push to Qpop, navigate to All Settings-->Custom Forms and edit the form you wish to push.

  2. Check the box next to the item that says "Qpop enabled" and save it.

  3. When editing any ticket that has a custom form attached, you will see a new button has appeared next to the Print and Edit buttons, called Q-pop.

  4. Click that button and your custom form will be sent to Qpop to read through and fill out.

  5. Submit the form from the tablet and your terminal will notify you that it is complete and ready to save.

  6. You can then continue editing your ticket as usual.
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