Qpop 103: Sending Custom Forms to Qpop Companion

Custom Forms and Qpop Companion

Qpop Companion works with custom forms, allowing customers to read and sign repair waivers, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and more. For additional resources, be sure to check out our related articles.

Introduction to Qpop™ Companion - Start Here

Ticket Custom Forms

Electronic Signatures (for custom forms)

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Adding "Send to Qpop" to Existing Custom Forms

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



Note: You can change settings for all locations by selecting Company Settings.


2. On the Settings Overview page, there is a list of settings categories in the left column. Click Tickets to expand the dropdown and then click Custom Forms.



3. On the Custom Forms page, locate the form you would like to push to Qpop. Under the Actions column, click Edit.



4. Near the bottom of the field settings, there are additional selections for Qpop behavior.


  • Click Qpop enabled if you would like the option to push the form to Qpop manually.
  • Click Send to Qpop automatically when required to send the form automatically during the ticket flow.


Note: Be sure to click Require Signature on Submit if you would like to capture the customer's signature on your form(s).


5. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Save field group settings to submit your change(s).


Sending a Custom Form to Qpop

1. When editing a ticket, scroll to the Custom Forms section. Locate the form you would like to push to Qpop companion. Under the Actions column, click the Send to Qpop button.



2. The form will automatically send to your Qpop Companion for your customer to read, fill out, and acknowledge/sign, directly on the Qpop device. After your customer has acknowledged the form, tap Submit to finalize the form.



3. When the form is submitted, your terminal will notify you that the form is complete and ready to be saved.



4. You can continue the ticket as normal. The ticket will save by either progressing to a new status or by clicking Save.





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