How to: pair Qpop Companions

  • A user with the Location Admin role or higher can add/edit Qpop devices.
  • A user with the Shift Lead role or higher can pair and launch Qpop.

Once you have your Qpop™ companion added to your RepairQ settings, you can begin the pairing process. You can pair the same tablet to multiple computers/terminals at the same time if you'd like. This article demonstrates the pairing process on an iPad, but an Android device will be very similar.


On Your Tablet

  1. Most tablets will disconnect from wifi when their screen goes off or into sleep mode. Be sure to keep your tablet plugged in and change your auto-sleep settings to never turn the screen off. Qpop runs on wifi, so if you lose wifi, it will not be able to connect.
    • On iPad:
      • Navigate to Settings-->Display & Brightness.
      • Change "Auto-Lock" to "Never."

  2. Open up your web browser (Safari) and navigate to your standard RepairQ URL and login.
  3. Click on the "Launch Qpop" button on the right side of the dashboard.

  4. It will prompt you to "Enter code to Pair With RepairQ".IMG_0013.png

On Your Computer

  1. Click on the name of your location on the top right corner, then click the "Pair Qpop" button.

  2. Select which Companion you would like to pair from the dropdown box and click "Pair".

  3. RepairQ will generate a random code that will timeout in 60 seconds.


  1. Enter the code that was generated by RepairQ and click "Pair".

Your computer will then display this image, letting you know the tablet is now paired with RepairQ.



Once your tablet is paired, we recommend placing a bookmark/app on your home screen to link directly to this page.


  1. When your browser is open and you are on the idle screen for Qpop, click the "Share" button in the toolbar at the top and click "Add to Home Screen".

  2. Name it something like "Qpop".

  3. Navigate to your home screen and click on the new button to make sure it works properly.



  1. When your browser is open and you are on the idle screen for Qpop, click the "Options" button in the toolbar at the top right and click "Add to Home screen".

  2. Name it something like "Qpop".

  3. Navigate to your home screen and click on the new button to make sure it works properly.


Need to Start Over, or Reset Qpop? 

If you need to use a different configuration for Qpop on your device, or if you just need to reconnect Qpop with your terminal, you can reset Qpop and pair it up with a new pair code. Follow the directions on How to Reset or Re-pair Qpop


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  • 0
    Derek Tullock

    The iPad Add to Home Screen seems to be broken now. You can pair when in the browser, but when you add, it is no longer paired. Also, you can't pair in the "QPop" Home Screen link for whatever reason. Always get the Error: PIN not found or expired

  • 0
    Brandon (Project & Training Manager - Phone Medic)

    Please make pairing Q-pop companions available for all user roles, or at least make it a possibility/setting. It is frustrating to have stores depend on the functionality of Q-pop, then an iPad is somehow un-paired and the only method to re-pair is accessible by someone with a manager role. There are only 5 of these people in our business due to security and integrity concerns, 3 of which are not accessible on the weekends.

  • 0
    Brandon (Project & Training Manager - Phone Medic)

    Additionally, a question - a statement in the Q-pop settings claims that the RQ team is actively developing Q-pop according to user feedback. However, RepairQ hasn't even seen an update for upwards of 5 months. Whencan we expect the next update to be live, and will it contain improvements to Q-pop (and custom forms)?

  • 0

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for the feedback. There are customizable user permissions for QPOP. An admin user can contact our support team to customize those permissions as needed.

    You can keep track of development updates here. Our most recent release was just over one month ago. The next major releases, 1.14 and 1.15, are scheduled for this month. Expect an announcement on those releases in the near future.

    Neither of those releases include QPOP features. The next updates to QPOP will be customer confirmation prompts, where the customer can review and confirm their contact information, and receipt preference options, where the customer can choose if they prefer a paper/email receipt. No ETA on those features at this time.

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