How to: enable kiosk/presentation/demo mode on an iPad

An iPad makes a great “kiosk” device–a tablet restricted to one specific app for your business. You can create a makeshift kiosk using the Guided Access feature. If you will be using Qpop on a customer-facing iPad, you will most likely want to enable Guided Access mode. Guided Access is the quickest, easiest way to put an iPad in kiosk mode.

Note: For devices running iOS 12 or later, make sure that you also have "Mirror Display Auto-Lock" toggled "ON" otherwise, Guided Access will automatically turn off the screen after 20 minutes of activity.



  1. On your iPad, open up your Settings app and navigate to: General > Accessibility > Guided Access and enable the slider.

  2. Tap “Passcode Settings” to set a PIN for guided access and choose whether or not you can exit Guided Access with Touch ID, if your iPad has a Touch ID sensor. You can use the same PIN you use to unlock the iPad or a different one.

  3. Next, click on the button you pinned to your home screen in the earlier setup phase. Quickly press the “Home” button three times in a row. The Guided Access screen will appear, and you can use the options here to configure it. By default, the touch screen is enabled and the Sleep/Wake button is disabled. However, you can allow people to use the Sleep/Wake button, if you like.

  4. Tap “Start” in the top-right corner of your screen when you’re ready. While in Guided Access mode, the iPad’s screen won’t turn off–it’ll remain on and unlocked for anyone to use it. You may want to plug the iPad in if you intend on leaving it on. You could also choose to enable the Sleep/Wake button on the Guided Access screen. This will allow anyone to turn off the iPad’s screen. Anyone can turn it on and they’ll be taken to the app in Guided Access mode without having to enter a PIN.
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