How to: enable kiosk/presentation/demo mode on an Android device

An Android tablet makes a great “kiosk” device–a tablet restricted to one specific app for your business. You can create a makeshift kiosk using an app called Kiosk Browser Lockdown. If you will be using Qpop on a customer-facing Android device, you will most likely want to lock down your tablet to the specific app that will be running Qpop.


  1. Locate your Qpop URL on a computer by navigating to your RepairQ Dashboard. Click the "Launch Qpop" button in the right-side shortcut menu. Write down or keep nearby the URL in the URL bar, as you will need it later in the setup.


  2. Download the Kiosk Browser Lockdown app from the Google Play Store.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to always select Kiosk Browser as your Home app.

  4. Navigate through the setup until you get to the browser home page. Click the "Settings" button on the top right. Enter the default password: 0000. 

  5. Scroll down and click Admin then Settings Password. Enter a new password twice, making sure it is something you and your team will remember. Then save it and go back to Settings.

  6. Click General then Kiosk URL, and enter the URL for your Qpop app from Step 1.

  7. Navigate out of settings and you should be met with your Qpop launch screen, where you can then begin the pairing process.
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