Qpop™ Companion - Enabling Kiosk Mode on Android

Enable Kiosk/Demo/Presentation Mode on Android Devices

An Android tablet makes a great kiosk device a tablet restricted to one specific app for your business. If you will be using Qpop on a customer-facing tablet, an app called Kiosk Browser Lockdown allows users to retain focus on the Qpop Companion app by locking out navigation to other applications and pages.

For additional resources on setting up Qpop Companion, check out Introduction to Qpop™ Companion - Start Here.

Note: This application is not required to use Qpop Companion and we are not the owners of the Kiosk Browser Lockdown application. Please use at your own discretion.



Download the Kiosk Browser Lockdown Application


1. On your tablet, navigate to the Google Play store and search for Kiosk Browser Lockdown. Install the application.




2. Open the application and follow the instructions to always select Kiosk Browser as your Home Page.



3. On the Kiosk Browser, tap Options and then tap Settings.




4. Enter the default password: 0000 then tap OK.



5. On the Settings page, tap Admin and change the password to a memorable, secure password. Save and go back to Settings.



6. On the settings page, go to General -> Kiosk URL. Enter the URL for your database. Save your changes and exit the settings page.



7. When you exit Settings, you will be routed to your new launch screen, where you can log in and pair your Qpop Companion.



Note: If you choose to keep the tablet in always-on status, make sure your device is plugged into a power source.



START 1.18.X

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