Adding and Applying Credit Balances for Customers

Customer Credit Balances

Customers can carry credit balances to use towards purchases and services. Credits can be applied to the customer through refunds, trade-in purchases, and manual adjustments to their customer profile. Credits can be applied toward ticket balances just like any other payment method.

In order to issue or apply Store Credit, make sure that when you open your Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) you have selected Accept Store Credit as an acceptable payment type.



Viewing and Adjusting Credit Balance

1. Quick-search for a customer or use the Navigation Bar to go to Customers -> View Customers.



2. On the Customer Overview page, you can search for customers by keyword or filter by category. Once you have found your customer, click the Options button on the right side of the page to expand additional options and select View.




3. On the Customer Profile page, click Credit from the left column of options to view your customer's Credit Balance, Credit Limit, and Credit Available. Below these amounts is a history of any credits and/or debits that have been applied to their account with links to the tickets where they were applied.



Balance -  This is the current balance of credit the customer has. This balance may be negative if the customer has consumed all of their Credit Balance and is using part of their Credit Limit. If there is a negative balance, there will be an alert next to their Credit tab.

Credit Limit - This is a line of credit issued to the customer. A customer can hold a negative balance up to their limit. You can edit a customer profile to add a credit limit for a customer.

Credit Available - This is the total credit available to the customer between their Credit Balance and Credit Limit.


4. When viewing the Credit tab of the customer's profile, click the Add button on the right side of the page.



5. A Balance Adjustment pop-up will appear. This will allow you to make your adjustment and add any additional notes.



Direction: This dropdown allows you to add a credit to their balance or debit an amount from their existing balance.

Amount: This is the amount of the credit/debit you apply.

Location: This is the location that is applying the credit to the account.

Note: This is to note the reason why you are applying the credit.


6. Click Save to apply your changes.



7. Balance adjustments will show on the credit history section of the customer profile. If you would like to delete any manually created debits or credits, you can click the red X icon under the Action column.



Note: Manual credit adjustments that are added or deleted do not show in the Change Log for the customer.


Credit Limits

When creating or editing a customer profile, the Pricing tab allows you to add a Store Credit Limit to the customer. This allows the customer to hold a negative balance up to their limit. 



Adding Credits From a Transaction

When issuing a payout to the customer from either a Trade-In or return, you can apply the balance to the customer as a Store Credit. You cannot apply store credit to a customer if they do not have a profile and are not attached to the ticket. See Creating a Customer Profile for additional information.


1. When assigning the VCT, make sure the option Accept Store Credit is selected before starting the VCT. Store Credit cannot be applied to a customer unless this option is not checked.




2. Continue with the Trade-In or Return transaction as usual. When there is a pending balance to issue back to the customer, click Add Transaction 



3. On the Add Transaction pop-up, select Store Credit as the payment type. Add additional reference notes, if necessary, and click Submit Refund.


4. When viewing the Credit tab of the Customer Profile, you will see the credit applied to their account.



Accepting Payments With Store Credit

When the customer is ready to use the credit, you will create a normal transaction and attach the customer to the ticket. When taking payment, click Add Payment  ->  Payment Type: Store Credit to use the credit from the customer's account.





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