Trade-in Credit

Trade-in Credit can be redeemed in the system by using the customer credit balance system. A customer can have a credit assigned to them whenever there is a negative amount on a ticket. 


Make sure Store Credit is checked when assigning the VCT. The option to give Store Credit to a customer will not be available if this option is not checked.




A trade-in transaction will be performed as normal. When it is time to pay the customer in Store Credit and close the transaction, select Add Transaction, select Payment Type, select Store Credit, and enter the amount of Store Credit that will be added to a customer's account.






Once the ticket is closed, navigate to the customer's profile page and select Credit. This will show how much credit they have on their account.



When the customer is ready to use the credit, you will create a normal transaction. When taking payment, select Payment Type and then Store Credit to use the credit from the customer's account.



Balance Adjustments

A customer's credit balance can also be manually adjusted by going to their customer summary page and selecting Credit from the left column of details. A history of credits/debits are shown at the bottom of the page. From there click the + icon in the top right of the page, select whether you are issuing a Debit or Credit, the amount, location, or any notes regarding the credit adjustment.





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