Ticket Properties: Search Tickets by Assigned Properties

Ticket Properties allows users to add additional details to tickets. Properties can be used for classification in reporting, filtering your Ticket Queue, as well as working with custom forms, notifications, and approvals based on assigned properties. Users can filter the Ticket List View to find tickets that have specific properties assigned to them.

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Ticket Queue Search by Assigned Properties

1. Using the Navigation Bar, go to Tickets ->Ticket Queue.



2. On the Ticket List View page, select +Filter.



3. A list of filter attributes will appear in the dropdown. Select the following attributes in relation to the properties assigned to the ticket:

  • Assignee - Filter tickets for a staff member who is assigned to the ticket.
  • Resolution - Filter tickets with a specific resolution assigned to the ticket.
  • Action - Filter tickets with a specific action assigned to the ticket.



4. Select any properties you would like to search for, as well as other filters/keywords you would like to add to the search. Click Apply to filter the Ticket List based on these parameters. 



RepairQ will return results based on the properties selected. Results will also consider other filters that are set by default, or those that you have added to the list view, such as the date created, location, and ticket status. If your results did not include what you were searching for, you may need to refine the filters to include older tickets or remove filters that may not be applicable to the ticket.



Note: Click Reset to refresh the filters back to the default setting.




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