Creating a New Item Type

In simplest terms, an Item Type is a classification of items in your store to help organize your catalog. This allows you to assign specific attributes to the entire group of catalog items under these types. Item Types dictate price override allowances, identify whether items are parts or labor, establish parent/child relationships for bundling, and more.

Some reports are organized by item types, so you should create one item type for each category of revenue you want to analyze separately. By default, there are a variety of item types created for use but you can also create new item types and set their characteristics upon creation.

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Adding a New Item Type

1. On the Navigation bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview screen, click on the Catalog category in the left-hand column to expand the dropdown. Next, click Item Types.



3. On the Item Type page, click the Add Item Type button in the top-right corner of the page.



4. Enter all applicable details and attributes for your Item Type. At a minimum, only the Name field is required. Keep in mind that adding supporting attributes will better help with the behaviors and classification of your type. Once you are finished making your selections, click the Save button to submit your changes.



Note: For an in-depth explanation of Item Type attributes, check out our article, Catalog Settings Overview.


5. Once you have saved your Item Type, it will appear on the overview page. From this screen, you can edit existing types or delete unused types.



Note: Only item types that do not have any associated catalog items can be deleted. This is to retain historical data and ensure proper record-keeping for data integrity.




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