RMA Process: Initiate an RMA Through Inventory Fulfillment

Occasionally, an item will be defective during initial inspection upon receiving the item into your inventory. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a part of the Reverse Logistics cycle, where defective products are returned to the manufacturer or vendor during the warranty period. This allows the vendor to diagnose and correct the issue with the product(s). They may proceed with a refund or replacement if found defective or reject the claim if the product was damaged or broken by misuse or improper installation. Ultimately, the decisions are made at the supplier's discretion to credit these items.

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Marking Defective Items as RMA on Purchase Orders

When an item is received via Purchase Order (PO) and is inspected as defective, it should immediately be moved to Pending RMA status. This can be done directly on the PO before reconciliation. In this scenario, one (1) of the ten (10) receiveable items is defective.


Begin by editing a Purchase Order to start receiving stock. On the item list, update the Receiving quantity to one (1) and update the Status to Defective (Pending RMA). Next, click the Receive Items button to update the PO and receive the item as defective. At this point, the PO will show as Partially Received. You can continue the receiving process for the remaining items as usual. 



When viewing the Inventory Details page for the received items, the defective item will show as Pending RMA status.



Marking Defective Items as RMA From Inventory

If an item is found defective after receiving the PO, a Manager or Inventory Manager can change the status of an item to Pending RMA directly from the inventory list.


1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Inventory -> Inventory Detail.



2. On the Inventory Detail List, use the available filters to locate the defective item. Once you have found the item, click the Options (⋮) button on the same row, under the Actions column. From the list of available options, click Edit.




On the Inventory Item Manage page, update the Status field to Pending RMA. Once you have made your selection(s), click the Save button to submit the update.



Marking Multiple Defective Items as RMA From Inventory

Multiple items can be moved to Pending RMA status using the Bulk Edit feature.

On the Inventory Detail list, filter your search results for the items in question. Use the checkboxes on the left side of the list to select multiple items.



Once you have made your selections, click the Options button on the upper-right side of the page. From the list of options, click Edit Selected.




On the Bulk Edit pop-up, make sure the Attribute field is set for Status. In the New Value field, select Pending RMA, add any notes, if applicable, and click Apply to save your changes.





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