Automated Notifications: Inventory Status Changes

With Automated Notifications, staff can notify coworkers or customers when changes have been made in RepairQ that affect them. The ability to automate notifications reduces the time it takes to send communication, which allows for efficient communication between teams and improves the customer experience. Admins and Managers can create automated notifications based on the different needs of the business. Common examples of notifications include:

  • Sending an SMS or Email to a customer when their device is in Ready for Pickup status.
  • Sending a follow-up link to an experience survey after a ticket is closed.
  • Notifying Managers when Purchase Orders have been created.
  • Notifying Managers when inventory items have been placed in a specific status: Damaged, Shrinkage, Pending RMA, etc.

The following tutorial will demonstrate the process for notifying managers when inventory items have been placed in Damaged status.

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Creating an Automated Notification for Inventory Status Changes

1. On the Navigation bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



Note: You can add notifications at the location level by going to Settings -> Location Settings.


2. On the Settings Overview page, the left column lists settings by category. Click the Communications dropdown. From the list of available settings, click Notifications.



3. On the Notification Overview page, click Create Notification Automation.



4. Customize the notification delivery to fit your needs, or follow the template we have provided below. This notification will be customized to notify management when an item is placed in Damaged status so they will be aware of the loss. Once you have added your details, click Save to create the notification.


  • Notification Name - Damaged Status (or the title of your choice based on the context of the notification)
  • Location - Set this notification for all locations or choose a single location.
  • Trigger - Inventory Status Change
  • Ticket Actions - Damaged
  • Delivery - Email
  • Message Subject - Damaged Inventory Notice (or the title of your choice based on the context of the notification). You can also use shortcodes to add additional details.
  • Send To - {manager} This shortcode will be replaced by the appropriate address depending on the context of the notification and the role that you choose. You can also enter a specific email address if you prefer.
  • Reply To - (Optional)
  • Email Message - Compose your message using as many shortcodes as you'd like. For example:
    • {manufacturer} {item_name} has been marked as {item_status} at {location_short_name}.

      Details of the Device
      Condition: {condition}
      Carrier: {carrier}
      Cost: {cost}

  • Send Delay - Minutes - 0
  • Active - Marked


5. Once the notification has been created, any outgoing message will appear in the Notification Log, where you can view details about recent actions and communications.





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