Getting Started: The RepairQ Notification Queue

When a Dashboard Announcement or Automated Notification is created, the outgoing message will appear in the Notification Queue. You can view and filter additional details, and cancel the delivery of a pending communication.

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Viewing Your Notification Queue

On the Navigation Bar, go to Reports -> Notifications.



The Notification Queue shows all outgoing communications, including notification type, message preview, attachment, and status. This information can be sorted by clicking the column name. 

Notifications in New Status have an approximate 5-minute delay before sending and can be canceled by clicking the red cancel button next to the notification. Once the notification has been sent, it cannot be undone.



Note: You can hover on the message preview to see the message in full.


Notification Queue Filters

The sidebar allows you to filter notifications by specific details. After desired filters have been entered click Apply to view the results. Clicking Reset Filters will remove any previously applied filters. To hide the sidebar, click the filter icon next to the title.



Location - Filter your results for all locations or a specific location.

Type - Filter results by Email or SMS notification type.

Template - Filter by any notification type, automated notifications, SMS or Email notifications, or Dashboard Announcements.

Date Type - Select whether results are filtered by the date the notification was created (Created On) or the date the notification was sent (Send on).

Date Range (From Date/To Date) - Select a range of dates to filter your results.




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