Cash Flow Reports


Inventory Expense

The inventory expense report allows you to look at your total inventory expenses, total retail value, and shipping costs for a chosen time period based on the date(s) inventory is added to the system.

The date the item was added to the inventory and the date it was ordered are also shown.

Cash Flow Summary

The cash flow summary report allows you to look at your transaction (payment) history grouped by payment method for a time period. You can sort by the date of the transaction (payment) is added to the ticket, or by the ticket date.

Toggling the Closed Tickets status on allows you to look at only tickets that have been closed out completely. This allows you to look at the difference between tickets that are still open and tickets that have been closed and reconciled.

Cash Flow Detail

This report follows the same logic as the Cash Flow Summary Report, except it displays every single transaction (payment) recorded in RepairQ for the time period (and other filters) selected.

Cash Reconciliation

This report allows you to look at all of your cash register reconciliation sheets for a time period. One entry is created each time a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) is closed.

You can view each reconciliation sheet by clicking the blue number in the "ID" column on the left.

NOTE: All but the Cash Reconciliation Report can be downloaded by clicking the "To Excel" button near the bottom of the page.

The download will consist of the information you have set through the filters.

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