How To: Open a Register to Accept Payments

RepairQ uses a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) system that allows you to assign any device as a terminal that can receive payments (usually you have a cash drawer attached) If you do not have a cash terminal assigned to the physical device you are logged into, then you will not be able to record/refund any payments.

Only Shift Leads and Managers will be able to open/close cash terminals. For more information about roles, see Adding Staff Members.

Setting a VCT up the first time:

Navigate to Location Settings -> Location Info to make sure your location has at least 1 terminal available. It's best to set this number to how many terminals you plan to use to perform transactions at your location.




Navigate to Location Settings -> Payments -> Cash Terminals (VCT). Click on "Add Terminal" to create and name your cash terminals however you wish. Naming them and assigning them to the same computer/device each day will help with consistent Cash Reconciliation reporting.



VCTs can be deleted ONLY if there has been no transaction activity. If the VCT has ever been opened, it will be locked from deletion, for record keeping purposes. If you choose to retire a VCT, you can still edit the name to indicate it is no longer in use.

Assigning a VCT

You can assign a VCT to your device by clicking the Location drop-down on the upper-right Navigation Bar and selecting "Assign VCT". You can also do this by clicking on the "Assign a VCT" link on your dashboard.




Click the "Play" button to begin assigning your VCT.


Select which payment types you want to be able to receive on this device.


Enter your starting cash, i.e. the starting amount in your cash drawer. 

If you select "Accept Credit Card" and have set up an integrated payment processor (Bluefin, Heartland), you will have an additional drop-down to select your PAX device.

Click "Start".

RepairQ will now track all payments made on this cash terminal. If you would like to have your cash drawer open automatically when taking a payment, see Opening a Cash Drawer Automatically

When you close this terminal at the end of day, you can reconcile all payments and debits to determine how much cash you should have in the cash drawer. There is a Cash Reconciliation page to fill out, so there is a record of all transactions that day. Managers can view past reconciliation data by navigating to Reports -> Cash Reconciliation. For more information see How to Cash Out Your Terminal.


Pausing/De-Assigning a Register

Navigate back to the Terminal Overview screen by clicking on your location name, and then your VCT name on the dropdown.



This page will list all of your VCTs and their status, when it was updated, and by whom it was modified.


To View a VCT's assigned details, click on the Magnifying Lens.

To Pause/De-Assign a VCT, click the Pause Icon. This will pause the VCT for later use. You will now be able to assign any available VCT to this computer.

To close the register, click the Currency Icon.

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