Starting a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) to Accept Payments

Accepting Payments with a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT)

RepairQ uses a virtual terminal system that allows you to assign a VCT to your computer, so you can record payments on tickets and reconcile your cash flow at the end of the day.

If you do not have a cash terminal assigned to the device you are logged into, then you will not be able to record/refund any payments.

Employees with Shift Lead and Manager roles can open/close cash terminals. For more information about roles, see Adding Staff Members.

In addition to opening a VCT to accept payments, there are other management tools available for recording your cash flow. Check out these articles for additional information:


Assigning a VCT to a Computer

1. On the right side of the Navigation Bar, click the Location Short Name drop-down to expand a list of options, then click Assign a VCT.



2. On the Terminal Management page, find the VCT you would like to assign to your computer. Under the Actions column, click the Start/Assign button to begin assigning your VCT.



3. On the Terminal Assignment page, select the payment methods you want to receive on this VCT. If you leave a payment method unchecked, you cannot add a transaction with this type of payment method until you reassign the VCT with that method.



Note: Payment methods can be managed by going to Location Settings -> Payments -> Payment Methods.


4. If you have selected Accept Cash, enter in the Starting Cash amount in your cash drawer.



5. If you have selected Accept Credit Card and have set up an integrated payment processor, select the Payment Device that will pair with this VCT.



6. Once you have made your selections, click Start to assign your VCT. You can now add transactions to tickets and RepairQ will track all payments made on this cash terminal.



7. The Terminal Management page will additional information including the current status of the VCT, which staff member started the VCT, and which staff member last updated the VCT. You also have options to view payment method assignments, pause/de-assign the VCT, or close/cash out the VCT.




Pausing/De-Assigning a VCT

RepairQ allows users to pause and reassign a VCT if they need to temporarily pause VCT access or assign the VCT to a new computer.


1. Navigate to the Terminal Management page and click the Pause/De-Assign button under Actions.



2. The VCT will update to Suspended status. Click the Start/Assign button to begin the VCT assignment process.



Note: If the VCT was paused with a cash amount, the user will need to enter the beginning cash balance when re-assigning the VCT instead of the current balance in the cash drawer.



START 1.18.X



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