How to Accept Payments

If you do not have a cash terminal assigned to the physical device you are logged into, then you will not be able to record any payments. We have a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) system that allows you to assign any device as a terminal that can receive payments (usually you have a cash drawer attached)

Setting it up the first time...


  1. Make sure the location you are logged into has a number greater than zero on the "Number of Terminals" field.
    1. Your location info is under settings > Locations
    2. Set this number to how many terminals you plan to use to receive payments in your location.
  2. Create or rename your cash terminals however you wish
    Setting it up every time...
  3. At the top-right of the user-interface, in the black admin bar, there is an "Assign VCT" link. Click it to view your available Virtual Cash Terminals.
  4. Choose one to assign to your device and click "assign"
  5. Select which payment types you want to be able to receive on this device.
    1. If you choose to receive credit card payments, you can also choose to reconcile all credit card payments from the entire location on one terminal. A lot of shops only have 1 or 2 card readers, so you have this feature available to make reconciling your credit cards a little bit easier.
  6. Enter your beginning cash-on-hand (in the cash drawer)
  7. Now click Start
The system will now track all payments made on this cash terminal, so when you close the terminal you can reconcile all payments and debits to determine how much cash you should have in the attached cash drawer. The system has a cash reconciliation sheet you can fill out so that all of your records remain digital. Managers can view past cash reconciliation sheets in the reports section.
Only Shift leads and managers will be able to open/close Virtual Cash Terminals. For more about user roles, visit the Adding Staff Members article.
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